Latest Works

William de Belleroche – The Artist’s Cat

Donald Friend – Testaccio, Ischia

Lewin Bassingthwaighte – Standing Woman, Undressing

George Hooper – Still Life with Horse Grazing

George Dannatt – Drawing for an Etching

Margaret Lovell – Curved Movement

Bridget Riley – Descending

Albert Irvin – Untitled Abstract

William Plunkett – Coulsdon Coffee Table

Ian McDonald Grant – Cubist Composition with Nude

Charles McCall – Interior with Figure

Michael Gillespie – Female Head

Eduardo Paolozzi – Racing car plaster cast

Charles McCall – Portrait of a girl with pigtails

Martin Bradley – Cockerel at Night

Martin Bradley – The Chickens

Stanley Jones – Madron

Bryan Ingham – Gallery – Kew

Eduardo Paolozzi – Wheel

Edwin La Dell – Point to Point, Charing

Robin Tanner – April

Gertrude Hermes – Jonah in the Whale

Audrey Pilkington – Mother and Daughter

Audrey Pilkington – Untitled Abstract

Will Roberts – Toiling in the Field

Raoul Pradier – Potato Pickers

Rufino Tamayo – Hombre, Luna y Estrellas

Scottie Wilson – Tree with Purple Flowers and Birds

Josef Herman – Studies of African Sculptures

Clifford Hall – Bullfight

Bob Crossley – Abstract No. 1

Douglas Portway – Abstract, 1969

Stanley William Hayter – Shoal Green

Sandra Blow – Borderline

Robyn Denny – Waddington Suite Drawing

Robyn Denny – Generations 10

Robyn Denny – Generations 1

Eduardo Paolozzi – Two Figures

Anthony Eyton – Seated Nude

Joe Tilson – Mysterious Principles…

George Hooper – A Pastoral Scene

Andrzej Jackowski – The Family II

Joe Tilson – Transparency – Snapshot

Stewart Lees – Untitled Landscape

Stanley William Hayter – The Couple

Lynn Chadwick – Two Seated Figures on Stripes

Lynn Chadwick – Reclining Figure (Green Wave)

Lynn Chadwick – Seated Figures on Stripes II

Robert Buhler – The Homestead

Roy Turner Durrant – Halfpenny Green