Leslie Marr

Leslie MARR (b.1922)

is a well known painter in oil and watercolour of landscapes, portraits and still life. He is also a photographer and was an amateur motor racing driver competing in Grand Prix events in 1954-55. Leslie Marr was born in Durham and trained as an engineer. He began painting whilst with the armed services in Palestine and on leaving the RAF he met David Bomberg and joined his classes at the Borough Polytechnic in Southwark. Marr was a member of the Borough Group and its secretary, 1948-49, and in 1948 he married Dinora Mendelson who was Bomberg’s step-daughter. The Borough Group had a permanent exhibition at Leslie Marr’s bookshop ‘The Bookworm’. Marr has had a number of one-man shows over the years including at the Everyman Gallery from 1959, Laing Art Gallery Newcastle 1965, Catto Gallery 1990, and more recently with Piano Nobile. Leslie Marr’s work is held in a number of public collections including the British Academy, Imperial College Collection, Laing Art Gallery Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Pallant House Gallery Chichester.

Current Works

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