Daphne Chart

Daphne Daisy Chart (1909-2006)

was a painter in oils of landscapes, figure subjects and interiors. She was born in Mitcham, Surrey, daughter of Stephen Chart a well-known local chartered surveyor and estate agent of the period. Daphne Chart exhibited regularly at The London Group in the 1950s, and also at the Royal Academy (in 1957) and with the New English Art Club (in 1955). She lived for some years in Chelsea, London SW3 and found her subjects in and around London, also in the West Country and in Spain (1953). In 1954 she married the Italian born artist Francesco Malagola (known professionally in England as Dunbar Marshall). She is represented by one painting in the National Football Museum. Daphne Chart had a long life and died in Malmesbury in Wiltshire.

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